2 Day Every Day Carry Pistol Skills

Day 1 | Advanced Pistol Fundamentals

6 hours | 250 rounds

Students must arrive with safe gun handling skills.

Topics include:

Professional gun handling skills

Advanced Safety​ skills

Marksmanship skills

Day 2 | Advanced Shooting Skills

6 hours | 300 rounds

Stacking skill sets from Day 1 to problem solve complex problems.  UTM guns and ammunition provided for some drills.

Topics include:

Shooting while moving

Shooting behind cover

Proactive crowd work

Reactive crowd work

Mastering 1992 USFAM qualification

Gear List  

Please wear your every day concealed carry kit.

Eye and ear protection.

Pistol, 3 magazines, concealed carry belt + holster + magazine carrier.

Close toed shoes, baseball cap, rain gear, note taking materials, 1 gallon fluid, light lunch.

* Arriving to class with an unsafe holster is grounds for dismissal without a refund.  Please contact us before class with any holster or gear related questions.

$450 per student, minimum 4 students (includes range fees).

Contact us to schedule your private course.