“Every Day Carry training to safely and effectively save lives.”

This mission statement is the core of everything we at EDC Pistol Training do.

Our training 
content is uniquely contextualized for the civilian self-responder.

Comprised of six instructors from Civilian, Military, and Law Enforcement lanes, we are a welcoming, professional, experienced, diverse, and most of all agnostic cadre who have distilled all the various dogma, methods, and schools of thought down to what the Civilian or off duty Law Enforcement Officer needs to really know to address 3 threats:


Extreme Criminal Violence


Extremely Disturbed Person Solo Active Shooter


Terrorist Active Shooters


Our cadre are not celebrity trainers, are not high speed low drag YouTube operators, and do not wear full sleeve tattoos or sport scary beards.  We are authentic, down to earth, practical teachers who live the implications of what we do.


EDC Pistol Training is purpose-built as a 100% training company with no agenda to promote the latest and greatest “tactical” gadget or garner monetized social media hits.  When you ask for our gear advice, it’s based on real world know-how, free of any “tactical fairy dust”.

Whether you want to inform and challenge yourself on Advanced Fundamentals, Force on Force, or Care Under Fire medical training, we offer a complete range of every day carry pistol courses. Serving South Florida, feel free to contact us with any inquiries.



* NRA Certified Instructors * NRA Certified Range Safety Officers *

* Insured by AIG/Granite State Insurance *

* UTM authorized Professional Training Organization *

* Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network Affiliated Instructors *

"Advanced skills are the basics mastered." - Bruce Lee

"Just because you have a gun, does not mean that you are armed." - Pat Mac

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