EDC Pistol Training owner

I did not grow up around guns.  Never touched a gun, didn’t know how they worked, nor even cared.


This benign neglect suddenly ended in August 1990 when my wife and I moved to Gainesville to start graduate school.  A serial killer targeted students in off campus apartments, and in one case even overpowered a strong male occupant.


Our response was to purchase a handgun for home protection.  Almost immediately we realized buying a gun didn’t automatically make us safer . . . and so my journey to learn this craft began . . .


31 years later with formal training at schools of all shapes and sizes across the country, I’ve identified gaps in today’s available civilian training that inspired EDC Pistol Training’s founding:



Four Threats, Not One


Too many schools today continue to focus their training content on "Low Order" Criminal threats at the expense of four fast growing threats:  "High Order" Extreme Criminal Violence, Extremely Disturbed Person (EDP) Solo Active Shooter, the Terrorist Team, and Mob Violence (vehicle and home). 


High Order Criminals attack individuals based on Target Analysis (not Target Selection) looking for a specific return on investment, and exploit various methods ranging from social courtesy ploys to small group tactics. These are not the Low Order Criminals looking to mug you and run.


EDP’s attack society to make a public statement and are often suicidal. Study surveillance film and you will see long guns, farther distances, movement, and lengthier engagements.


Terrorists attack our nation as an act of war.  They are ideologically committed to a pyrrhic victory and will only stop when killed.  Film reveals the same EDP attributes compounded with body armor, multiple threats, a coordinated 2nd wave of attack, and explosives.

Mob violence can happen in a flash when driving or in your neighborhood.  These are threats at scale and the defender can be easily over run.


Note we also teach specific strategies to avoid "friendly fire" from law enforcement.



There’s an unwritten rule in the firearms training community that only instructors with military, law enforcement, or champion gaming experience are worthy to teach civilians.  This “rule” is the result of institutional inbreeding.


In truth, the goals, scope, tactics, areas of operation, resources, gear, rules of engagement, and legal considerations of military, law enforcement, and gaming are completely different compared to the EDC civilian application.


What’s more, schools often mix civilians, military, law enforcement, and gamers into the same class for which the instructor has to somehow present content that caters to all 4 audiences, inevitably leaving everyone shortchanged.


For these reasons, EDC Pistol Training is a dedicated and purpose built training experience for civilians and off duty professionals.

Fundamentals are King


Solid fundamentals are the most important component of training because they establish a foundation that carries you through subsequent training and skill evolutions for years to come.  Fundamentals are comprised of the 4M’s:  Mind Set, Manipulation, Marksmanship, and Movement.


Regrettably, today's larger class sizes preclude the time necessary to teach the granular ‘in the weeds” detail these skills require.  At EDC, we communicate and personally demonstrate the exact blow by blow play and the reasons behind everything in detail, followed up by live fire demonstration on every instructional block. This rare but incredibly effective methodology is exactly what we exploit in our small class settings.


Opposition Based Training


Force on Force scenario based training and practice is the only way to truth test our live fire problem solving skills.  We cannot have one without the other and know with confidence that we are ready for the street.  No matter how good we are at the live fire range, our very first Force on Force experience is always eye opening!