Care Under Fire

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Limited to 8 students with 2 instructors, this is a high stress, hands on, live fire & Force on Force Care Under Fire course for EDC Civilians and Law Enforcement.
Care Under Fire is designed using military tactical medical concepts, taught by military medics for the individual to survive an active shooter or violent event.  
The class will help you understand and implement necessary life saving skills needed for you and others to survive in an active shooter situation.  The training will teach you how to care for yourself if you are injured as well as to care for other casualties.
Emphasis on:

> Securing scene

> Triage
> Bleeding controls and sucking chest wound controls

> Crowd control

> Communication

> Evacuation
Note this is not a sterile classroom setting.  The entire course is conducted at the range, under fire, and with authentic sanitized medical training assets.
  • Tuition​ includes range fees and Force on Force assets and man marker ammunition
  • Held at either Homestead Training Center (11700 SW 304 ST, Homestead, FL  33033 | 305-224-1839) or Force Center (31101 Nafi Drive, Immokalee, FL  334142 | 239-658-1300)
Student Equipment List
150 rounds quality FMJ or JHP ammunition 
Use only your actual every day concealed carry kit (pistol, magazine(s), belt, holster, mag carrier) and casual wear
No SERPA, Nylon, Hybrid, belly band, fanny pack, or minimalist trigger guard holster
Ballistic rated eye protection (MIL SPEC 32432 & ANSI Z87.1)
Electronic ear protection
Long pants, long sleeve shirt, and closed toed shoes.  
Light lunch, snacks, and minimum 1 gallon of fluid
Sunscreen, mosquito repellent, personal first aid kit, notepad and pen
Baby wipes and a change of clothes
Care Under Fire
  • Follows NREMT ITLS and TCCC course guidelines.


  • Includes conventional and unconventional emergency medicine.