Concealed Carry Pistol Skills Intensive | The Sawmill


Held at The Sawmill Training Complex in Laurens, SC


21 hours | Lodging, Meals, & UTM ammunition | $900 | 500 rounds

Limited to 12 students with 2 instructors, this is an inclusive 2 day civilian-centric concealed carry pistol skills intensive designed to inform and challenge experienced shooters.  The $900 fee (50% deposit, 50% balance due September 15) includes:


  • Tuition for 21 hours of training over 2 days

  • Range fees

  • Non-lethal equipment rental (UTM pistols and Shocknife)

  • UTM non-lethal training ammunition

  • 2 nights shared room lodging (Friday, Saturday)

  • 6 catered meals (Friday dinner, Saturday 3 meals, Sunday 2 meals)


Training Day 1 (08:00 to 21:00)


After a brief live fire diagnostic in-test, TD1’s live fire content begins with developing higher level Marksmanship skills for accuracy and speed in relation to target size, distance, and motion.  


Emphasizing proper body mechanics, ergonomics, and eliminating inefficient movement, the training day delves deeply into the nuances of fundamental skills including:


  • How to throttle aiming based on target size and distance


  • Optimal stance that absorbs force, produces force, and facilitates movement


  • Maximizing grip strength


  • Presentation efficiency


  • How to throttle trigger control based on target size and distance


  • How to throttle split times for proper cadence based on target size and distance


  • Dominant hand only shooting in preparation for later low light & no light training


  • Methods for clearing stoppages depending on type of stoppage and firearm


  • Shooting while moving (“fighting to the higher number")


After a 2 hour early dinner break, class resumes with low light and no light training.  Topics include:

  • Evaluating tritium night sights and understanding their role


  • Meeting the “Night Monster”


  • Purpose and functions of the flashlight


  • Flashlight technology show and tell


  • Creating and defeating photonic barriers


  • Hand held techniques


  • Complex drills


* Safe gun handling and proficient marksmanship are a pre-requisite.  Live fire class will start with a brief in-test to ensure every student meets this safety and proficiency standard.



Training Day 2 (08:00 to 16:30)


TD2 begins with an important classroom knowledge-share on a wide range of civilian related self defense topics learned over 30 years of civilian every day carry.  After a series of safety measures to ensure a sterile environment, the morning progresses to the indoor dojo for 0 – 5 Knife vs. Pistol and 0 – 5 Pistol vs. Pistol isolation drills using UTM and Shocknife non-lethal training assets.


After lunch, opposition and scenario based training continues at the Force of Force outdoor range to teach HOW TO FIGHT under extreme stress.  Includes vehicle work using personal assets.

When not learning directly as the protagonist, every student learns vicariously either as an observer or as a passive participant bystander as each protagonist's unique drill or scenario unfolds.  A tactical and legal debrief is provided after every run.


Unlike other Force on Force courses, there is no downtime with ours:  we have enough unique scenarios and equipment so that you are always either a protagonist, a participant, an antagonist, or an observer.  We also do not limit round counts in your magazine; instead, you get to load our magazines to whatever your every day carry pistol capacity is.



Student Gear Checklist


  • Pistol with at least 3 magazines


  • Electronic ear protection


  • Eye protection for both day and night


  • Full face coverage helmet for Force on Force man markers (Due to C-19, we are temporarily halting the loaning of helmets.  We recommend you purchase what we use, the JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Paintball Goggles available at Amazon)


  • 500 rounds ammunition


  • Concealment holster, mag carrier, and belt


  • No SERPA, Nylon, Hybrid, minimalist trigger guard holsters; no off body carry


  • If you have a concealment holster for a Glock 17 or P320, bring it for Force on Force


  • Hand held flashlight is required; WML is optional


  • Long pants, thick long sleeve sweatshirt or jacket, and gloves


  • Water


  • Closed toe shoes


  • “Boo-Boo” kit


  • Notepad and pen


  • Personal items for the 2 night stay

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