Concealed Carry Solo Structure Clearing & Low Light No Light (SSC/LLNL)

Limited to 6 students with 2 instructors and using non-lethal training ammunition (NLTA), this 8 hour course provides the necessary skills for solo structure clearing & low light/no light in preparation for our Concealed Carry Force on Force.

As a Civilian or off duty LEO, you will learn how to clear structures while moving to safety from a school, hotel, grocery store, church, office building, restaurant, etc.

In addition, students also learn the fundamental technologies, techniques, and 
tactics in low light and no light conditions.
Our instructors/role players provide a constructive debrief after every drill or scenario.
NLTA training assets and ammunition are provided.
  • $300 tuition (plus $20 parking fee). Includes range fees, UTM rental, marking pistol ammunition, and head & neck protection  
  • Held at an undisclosed purpose-built indoor shoot house in Miami
Student Equipment List
Ballistic rated eye protection (MIL SPEC 32432 & ANSI Z87.1) for paper target shooting portion
Padlock to secure live weapons inside provided lockers
If you have a Glock 17 or Sig P320 carry holster, please wear it
Optional:  some students wear a heart rate monitor to evaluate their self control under pressure
If you every day carry a flashlight or TQ/med kit, please wear them
First time Force on Force students may want to wear long pants, gloves, and thick long sleeve sweatshirt
Light lunch, snacks, and fluids (refrigerator and microwave on site)
Personal first aid kit, notepad and pen

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