EDC Pistol I.Q. Skills Workshop

Saturday January 7, 2023


09:00 to 16:00 | $250

Based on Riley T. Bowman's Pistol I.Q. test, a full day of improving 5 critical skills from concealment, regardless of current skill level.

7 hours | 500 rounds

Students must arrive with safe gun handling skills.

Pistol I.Q. Test (modified for concealed carry) will be administered and scored at the start and end of class.

5 Critical Skills covered:

Accuracy | Draw | Recoil Control | Transitions | Throttling

Gear List  

Please wear your every day concealed carry kit.

Eye and ear protection.

Pistol, 3 magazines, belt, holster, and magazine carrier.

Close toed shoes, baseball cap, rain gear, note taking materials, 1 gallon fluid, light lunch.

* Arriving to class with an unsafe holster is grounds for dismissal without a refund.  Please contact us before class with any holster or gear related questions.

$250 per student (includes range fees).