EDC Skills Weekend

May 1 and/or May 2, 2021

Open enrollment, limited to 8 students.  
All training assets provided (medical gear, UTM guns and ammunition, protective headgear).  Students do not provide weapons nor ammunition.
Held at ForceCenter Training Complex in Immokolee.
EDC Skills Weekend is perfect for both newer students looking to learn real world skills, as well as experienced students looking for a refresher/tune up.  These are great courses for you and your significant other!
May 1 | Care Under Fire | $300     
6 hours with 1 instructor, this hands on course is designed using military tactical medical concepts for the individual to survive an active shooter or violent event.  
The class will help you understand and implement necessary life saving skills needed for you and others to survive in an active shooter situation.  The training will teach you how to care for yourself if you are injured as well as to care for other casualties.
Emphasis on:

> Securing scene

> Triage
> Bleeding controls and sucking chest wound controls

> Crowd control

> Communication

> Evacuation
May 2 | Force on Force | $350
8 hours with 2 instructors, this opposition and scenario based training uses UTM non-lethal training ammunition (NLTA) and Shocknife to teach on demand LEGAL AND TACTICAL problem solving under extreme stress.
A must-have "pressure test" training experience for anyone who wants to learn how to fight with their gun, not just shoot at inanimate targets.
Learn how to manage your own body alarm reaction, all while validating your tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Unlike other Force on Force schools, there is no downtime with us.  Every isolation drill or scenario you will either be the protagonist, a participant, or an observer so that learning occurs.  We have dozens of civilian-centric drills and scenarios to choose from, and will adapt to the skill sets of the audience.

The facility enables us to do many scenarios including street, vehicle, roadway, and single family home.

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