To schedule a 1:1 or small group class, please call or text us at 786-239-8066, or email us at

To enroll in an open enrollment course, please email the following:
​>  First & Last Name as it should appear on your diploma
>  Mobile #
>  Course Name

>  Course Date

> Caliber of your firearm
* Within 24 hours you will receive 2 email replies:  a confirmation email from EDC, and a PayPal generated email with your invoice, payable via PayPal or credit card.
IMPORTANT | PLEASE READ now our waiver that you will need to sign at the start of the course to ensure you are compliant and will agree to the terms.  Thank you.







Cancellation Policy:

If EDC cancels course, student has choice of 100% refund or 100% credit.


If student cancels, there are 3 tiers:

60 days lead time = 100% refund.

14 to 59 days lead time = 100% credit.

0 to 13 days lead time = No refund or credit.

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