Introduction to Care Under Fire Workshop

4 hours | $150

Limited to 10 students with 2 instructors, this workshop is an introduction to Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) course for civilians, whether they carry a weapon or not.  D
esigned to be held at an indoor dojo, this workshop services two audiences:
1) Newer students looking for an introduction to Care Under Fire medical training (whether they carry a gun or not);

2) Experienced Care Under Fire students looking for a tune up.

This course informs the student on how to medically save lives whether the victim suffered trauma from a shooting, bombing, car accident, wilderness injury, etc.
Introduction to Care Under Fire Workshop uses the same content as our 8 hour Care Under Fire course, but without the firearms, scenarios, or Force on Force.
Emphasis on:

> Securing the Scene

> Triage
> Bleeding controls and sucking chest wound controls

> Crowd control

> Communication

> Evacuation
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  • Tuition includes dojo fees and training assets.
Student Equipment List
Fluids and snacks
Notepad and pen
Baby wipes and a change of clothes
  • Follows NREMT ITLS and TCCC course guidelines.


  • Includes conventional and unconventional emergency medicine.

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