Quick Access Storage

Secure storage of our firearms is a must due to the risks and consequences of unsecured storage.
Indeed, Florida law requires us to prevent access by minor children, and our failure to do so
could lead to a DCF investigation or even worse, the death or injury of our children or their
visiting friends.
The challenge is how to secure our firearm yet simultaneously have access in the event of a
home intruder.
EDC recommends GunVault Mini-Safe GV 1000S as the solution to meeting both the need to secure and the need for access.
Costing $85 at 3rd party on-line retailers (e.g. Amazon), this safe allows you to safely store a loaded and chambered pistol.  
When needed, simply run your fingers down the grooves on the top panel and press the buttons in your preferred sequence to activate the spring loaded front door.  This system works great in the dark because your fingers work purely through tactile feel.

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