Urban Rifle/PCC Fundamentals

Held at a 600 yard range and limited to 6 students with 2 instructors, Urban Rifle/PCC Fundamentals is designed both AR15 and PCC users. This 8 hour hands-on course is designed to improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency.  Steel, cardboard, and paper will be used.
Topics include:
  • Zeroing both irons and optics
  • POI validation out to 300 yards (100 yards for PCC)
  • Understanding barrel offset
  • Safe and efficient loading and unloading
  • Proper safety manipulation
  • Transition to pistol
  • Ready positions and stances
  • Marksmanship fundamentals
  • KO Ready Up drills
  • Position shooting
  • Moving and shooting
  • Aggressing and shooting
  • Final qualification
  • $350 tuition (includes range fees)
  • Held at Tradecraft Range and Training Center 600 yard range (31101 Nafi Drive, Immokalee, FL  334142 | 239-658-1300)
Student Equipment List
50 rounds pistol ammunition, 100 rounds rifle/PCC DUTY ammunition, 300 rounds rifle/PCC practice ammunition
No ammunition that damages steel targets allowed!  No M855, green tip, steel core, AP.  Your ammunition will be inspected and disallowed if it damages steel.
Arrive with rifle/PCC already zeroed and with a 2 point sling
Wear only your actual concealed carry kit and casual clothing (closed toed shoes)
No SERPA, Nylon, or Hybrid holsters allowed
Ballistic rated eye protection (MIL SPEC 32432 & ANSI Z87.1)
Electronic ear protection
Knee pads recommended, elbow pads optional
Light lunch, snacks, and minimum 1 gallon of fluid
Sunscreen, mosquito repellent, personal first aid kit, notepad and pen

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