Student Testimonials


"Barb and I just want to thank you and tell you that your Pistol Fighting 1 class was the best firearms class we have ever taken.  We really believe before anyone would even consider carrying a concealed firearm that taking your class is an absolute necessity before making that decision.  


Your class clearly demonstrated the skills and mind set necessary to safely and effectively carry a concealed firearm everyday.  You and Aaron were excellent instructors and the real life situation awareness tasks were very well organized.


You also demonstrated the correct type of equipment to use, wear, and have on hand.  We now look forward to practicing all the valuable skills you taught us." -- Email



“I have attended many firearms training courses throughout my 25 year law enforcement career (many of them outside of the department), and I must say that the defensive handgun workshop hosted by EDC Pistol Training has been one of the best workshops I have attended in a very long time!  


Mr. Karim Manassa's attention to safety and detail, his professional demeanor and approach made the workshop a complete success.  I highly recommend EDC Pistol Training to anyone who is interested in adding a handgun to their self-defense plan, or to those who already carry a concealed handgun for self-defense!”  -- Facebook post



“This class is a must for anyone that owns a firearm and wants to use it safely and wisely. Karim and Nick are great instructors and extremely patient with people not on the job, like me.  Well worth the time and the money! Looking forward to the rest of the offerings by EDC Training!”  --Facebook post

“EDC runs an excellent program.  Fast paced, educational with a perfect blend of lecture and live fire practice.  The coaching ratios are 2 to 1 which insures you get real time hands on instruction.  I have been shooting and competing for 5 years and these programs are well worth your time.”  -- Facebook Review (5 star)


“It was definitely much better than expected and I expected good.  Mr. Manassa is very professional, detail oriented and makes sure safety is number one.  I recommend it to everyone who is into guns.  I am planning to take all courses available with EDC.”  -- Facebook Review (5 star)


“For me the small class size really makes a difference.  2 instructors for 6 students allows for the attention that each of us need.  Combine that with a safety first mentality and crawl, walk, run approach it's perfect for us average joes looking to get better.  It was everything I was looking for and then some.”  -- Facebook Review (5 star)



“I’ve taken 2 classes with EDC now, both were great, good programs and course of fire from beginners up through advanced shooters.  Active duty for 9 years, 7 years in a tactical team environment and I still got a lot out of the classes.”  -- Facebook Review (5 star)



“Shot the Pistol Fighter 1 today and it was great, highly recommend this class!!!” -- Facebook Review (5 star)


“Pistol Fighting 1 is the first of a series of civilian concealed carry courses offered by EDC. While PF1 is meant to be the "beginner" stage, it is a fairly challenging course. It effectively serves to establish good habits (for the beginners) and sharpen the fundamental skills (for more advanced shooters), all while exposing the students to more advanced combat style concepts such as moving/shooting, quick sight acquisition, and transitions.  I have been a student as well as an instructor over many law enforcement firearms courses/seminars.  This class was definitely one of the best that I have had the pleasure of taking.  It was challenging, fun, and it exposed me to concepts that I hadn't thought about before.  I will absolutely take more courses with EDC in the future.  A class like this is an absolute necessity for anyone who owns or carries a gun.  Don't skip on the most important aspect of responsible gun ownership--training.”  -- Facebook Review (5 star)



“The Pistol fundamentals class was perfect for the beginner.  Karim Manassa is very thorough and detail oriented.  Anyone considering concealed weapons carry or just responsible weapons ownership should take this class.”  -- Facebook Review (5 star)



“Excellent Training.  Extremely knowledgeable and professional not to mention the level of expertise demonstrated in the training. Highly recommended for all levels beginners, intermediate and expert students. Thanks Karim!”  -- Facebook Review (5 star)


“Highly recommend this class! For a complete beginner it was very detailed.  A lot of emphasis in safety and good shooting habits.  Karim Manassa is very knowledgeable and patient.  Awesome teacher!”  -- Facebook Review (5 star)


“I've had the opportunity to attend two classes with the EDC Pistol Training team.  The Vehicle Tactics Workshop and Pistol Fighting 1 course.  In both courses the environment was safe and structured.  There was a clear agenda with pre work that was relevant to the class.  The progression from theory, to dry fire and live fire had good balance and repetition.  I would highly recommend this series to anybody looking to build their skills in a supportive environment.”  -- Facebook Review (5 star)



“The EDC PF1 class was not the first class of its kind I've taken but the best so far.  The overall design of the class makes it great for novice conceal carry folks who absolutely need to learn safety and shooting fundamentals, or intermediate level shooters who need to brush up and or refine base techniques.  More advanced classes are offered for more advanced shooters as well.  Karim is a great instructor and class sizes are small, a combination that makes for great learning environment! I'll definitely be taking more classes in the future.”  -- Facebook Review (5 star)


“EDC Pistol Training gave an excellent training course, well worth what you pay for.  I Will definitely recommend their courses to anyone.”  -- Facebook Review (5 star)


“EDC pistol training level 1 was at 1st a class that was just going to cover basics and have me shoot at a simple target.  As the class advanced I quickly learned that what we are being taught is more than basic. It's training for real life situations. Plus acquiring skills and logic that will be needed if an event occurs.  Karim is an instructor that has the knowledge on what he speaks and the patience to teach a person on what he is explaining in the trainings.  I definitely will take this course again and any courses provided Karim.”  -- Facebook Review (5 star)


“This is by far the best class I have been to.  Instructors were very knowledgeable and the small class size was perfect for one to one attention.  I would recommend this class to people of all skill level.”  -- Facebook Review (5 star)



“Great class!!!  Highly recommend to take Pistol Fighting 1 offered by EDC.  For new and old concealed weapons carriers, but especially for NEW.  This is a great next step into learning how to properly carry and use your weapon in real life scenarios.  Great instruction and a safe environment.”  -- Facebook Review (5 star)


“Just took the Urban Rifle Fighting 1.  Phenomenal class, it's amazing how much you can learn about a weapon that I use all the time for work.  Mr. Manassa's insight on the Urban rifle platform is light years ahead of every other instructor I have ever trained under.  What I really appreciate is Mr. Manassa and a his Assistant Mr. Jacobs' ability to learn with his students and deal with the dynamic issues that comes up during training. During our particular class, it began to rain quite a bit.  EDC was prepared with alternate exercises to deal with the weather issues.  I have to give it up to them.  They had prepared for just about every eventuality.  I highly recommend EDC Pistol Training for anyone who wants to learn about or sharpen their gun slinging abilities.  It's great for any and all skill levels, from the absolute beginner who has never held a firearm to the guy who could hit the steel plate at 100 yards on his first shot with his inferior, antiquated, double action only pistol.”  -- Facebook Review (5 star)



“So far I have taken two classes at EDC, knife fighting 1 and pistol fighting 1, and both were simply outstanding!  I couldn't have asked for better training or better service the classes are very well thought out everything was explained in a way that it's easy to understand, all my questions were answered and I learned things that I had never realized were important.


Even though I came from a nuclear security counterterrorism tactical background there are so many things that I was never taught and so many different rules which apply to the everyday carry civilian that don't cross over from my Nuclear security training, thanks to Karim and EDC I've learned some great practical skills which will help me defend myself and my family and loved ones.  I look forward to taking more courses at EDC and continue in my training!  Bottom line (short version):  If you're on the fence don't hesitate to give them a try it's definitely worth the investment in yourself and in your training!  Karim is an amazing instructor and a great person, he has a lifetime of experience and is a valuable member in the firearm, edged blade, self defense and everyday carry community, try it for yourself and learn from the best, you won't be disappointed!”  -- Facebook Review (5 star)


“After doing the Urban Rifle Course 1, I can say I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to increase their knowledge on the weapons platform (AR type) and it's ancillary items.  I believe anyone can learn from taking a class like this and hopefully looking for another more advanced class to be created to continue the knowledge base.  Class was limited to 6 students with an in depth level to safety being taught at the start of the class.  Furthermore, the instructors will give you constructive criticism on your gear as to what they see will help you increase efficiency in your actions and what to add and or remove to accomplish this.  Both Karim and Nick did an excellent job covering the course material and working with the students in the class.  Like with anything in life, if you have an open mind, seeking these types of classes for training will help you improve and increase your skill set.”   -- Facebook Review (5 star)



“If you own a gun, you need these classes.  Karim Manassa and his trainers are top notch, patient with newbies and appreciated by professionals!  Always worth the time, the money and the drive!”  -- Facebook post