Karim Manassa, owner
 Karim Manassa
Owner, EDC Pistol Training LLC


Lead Instructor for live fire courses, co-instructor for Force on Force and Care Under Fire, and Amateur Extra licensed HAM radio trainer.


Providing a Civilian EDC perspective, Karim is a dedicated student of 31 years, including the last 25 as a certified instructor. A continual student of the craft, Karim averages 40 hours annually in training with other schools.  For details, please click "KM CV."


Mike G., owner of Coasie Kydex & Kit
 Mike G.
RN and active PSD combat medic contractor.
Contract Instructor with EDC Pistol Training


Lead instructor for Care Under Fire, and co-instructor for live fire and Force on Force courses.


9 years active duty USCG.  Certified Use of Force instructor, TCCC medic, off-shore counter piracy and narcotics.


Nick J.
 Nick J.
Contract Instructor with EDC Pistol Training


Co-instructor for live fire course content.


16 year LE veteran.  Experience includes US Army, NYPD, and Miami Gardens PD.  Certified DHS and LE instructor.  Currently pursuing new career in commercial aviation.


Contract Instructor with EDC Pistol Training


Co-instructor for live fire courses.  

17 year LE veteran with largest Federal law enforcement agency.  Federal certified LE Firearms Instructor and Intermediate Use of Force Instructor.  Rangemaster certified instructor.


 Ronny R.
Contract Instructor with EDC Pistol Training


Co-instructor for live fire courses.  

Also providing a Civilian EDC perspective, Ronny brings over 10 years of experience on pistol, carbine, and sub-machine gun platforms.  NRA certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer, and Technician licensed HAM radio trainer


Erick G of EMG Training & Consulting
 Erick G.
Owner, EMG Training & Consulting and Cheating Death Customs


Lead Instructor for special contract Force on Force courses.

Experience includes 3 years active duty US Army 82nd Airborne, 5 years Florida National Guard.  25 years Miami Dade Police Department with extensive proactive investigative experience including Crime Suppression, Gang Operations, and Undercover Decoy Operations.  NRA and Simunitions certified instructor.