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AnyTone AT-D878UV Codeplug Manual

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For those who prefer to really learn DMR and write their own codeplug from scratch, we can email you our 77 page PDF tutorial manual that walks you through the whole process in plain English, step by step with screenshots.  Cost is $75.

At the end of this tutorial, you will have programmed your AT-D878UV to:

  1. Work analog simplex

  2. Work digital simplex

  3. Work analog repeaters

  4. Work DMR digital repeaters on the BrandMeister Talk Group Network

  5. Work DMR digital repeaters for 1:1 calls

  6. Send your GPS location data on demand using digital APRS

  7. Send digital SMS (text) messages to individuals

  8. Customize your radio's user interface

  9. Digital simplex encryption (informational only)

* To set yourself up for success, we recommend a dedicated PC, Laptop, or Tablet device with a USB port and Windows 10 or 11.  You should also have at least a Technician's amateur radio operator license.

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