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Individual Private Training

No long term commitments or prepaid plans.

Cost:  $75 per hour + student is responsible for range or classroom fee, ammunition, firearm rental, and ear/eye protection.
While our private and discreet individual training is tailored to your schedule and goals, below is a typical road map for a new shooter:

RECOMMENDED MINIMUM (student chooses order)
Gun mechanics, gun handling, & gun safety | 1 hour | home or classroom
Fundamentals of Marksmanship | 1 hour | (range, home, classroom)
Live fire validation & coaching | 1 hour sessions | (range)

Judicious Use of Deadly Force | 1 hour | (Zoom) 


First pistol purchase and care (maintenance) advice, navigation, and coaching
HOME DEFENSE | Tactics, storage, & legal aspects
STREET DEFENSE | Presentation from concealment using a holster, more gun handling techniques + live fire validation

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