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Preferred Gear  (* This is not a paid endorsement of any company or gear.)

Post Incident Legal Assistance:  CCW Safe
Pistol:  Gen5 Glock 9mm
Inert Practice Ammunition:  Ultimate Arms Gear ST Action Pro, Live Fire Tactical Training LLC
Practice Pistol Ammunition:  Speer Lawman FMJ (147 grain, #53620)
Fighting Pistol Ammunition:  Speer Lawman G2 (147 grain standard pressure, # 54226])
Ballistic Eye Protection:  ESS Eye Pro
Active Ear Protection:  Swatcom Active8 from SRS Tactical
Flashlight:  Malkoff Devices MDC Bodyguard V2
Nylon Belts:  EDC Belt Company
Kydex Holsters:  JM Custom Kydex, Dark Star Gear

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